Cancer Prevention Methods

With nearly every person in the world being affected by cancer in one form or another, many people’s attitudes are shifting from “finding a cure” to “finding preventative methods.” These research-based strategies will be presented in the latest segment of “Success Files” hosted by Rob Lowe. The documentary will air to PBS member stations nationwide in the Fall.

Advancements in Cochlear Implant Technology with Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is here with a new episode of “Success Files” to keep you updated on all of what is going on in the world today. This episode features information about a special advancement in medical technology. Rob Lowe will discuss the newest advancements in cochlear implant technology. These state of the art biomedical devices will revolutionize the lives of the millions of people with hearing issues.

Learn from medical professionals and hear patient testimonials about all of the capabilities and life-changing technology these advancements in cochlear implants have for patients all over the world. You’ll learn about how the quality of life has been restored and how they can enjoy family time and all of their favorite music and television with restored hearing and a new lease on life. Don’t miss this special episode where you’ll see the technology working and learn about how the ever-changing world of biomedicine can improve the life of you and your loved ones.

The Makings of a Successful Auto Group on The Next “Success Files” with Rob Lowe

It is not by magic that a successful automotive group is formed. There are many factors inherent in building and maintaining a great auto group that keeps you coming back year after year and automobile after automobile. An upcoming episode of the comprehensive series “Success Files” with Rob Lowe will go under the hood and behind the scenes of how successful auto groups maintain their status.
Research is necessary to find out what kind of car would be of best benefit to us. Gathering information about what to look for in the place we purchase our car from is also of great importance. It can be viewed as an extension of the new car itself. Ranging from the tactics that are utilized by the sales personnel to the varying warranty programs that are employed will differ depending upon where you enter.

Getting a thorough checklist of what to look for to ensure your successful car purchase is a handy tool this episode will equip you with. Even seasoned car buyers should be prepared to take notes about what increases the longevity and success of an auto group. One less thing to worry about in the process of your next car purchase.

Staying informed means having a wealth of knowledge about many different topics that affect your everyday life. Public television is devoted to providing access to its viewers so that you can be effective in your interaction with the world.

America Literacy Rate & Who Can’t Read

Did you know that in America the literacy rate is at 86% and 21% of adult Americans can’t read above a fifth-grade level? The newest segment of “Success Files” documents how Japan has a literacy rate of nearly 100% and what citizens in the Americas are doing to improve the numbers in our country. The segment is hosted by Rob Lowe and will be distributed to PBS Member stations upon completion.

“Success Files” with host Rob Lowe will feature new content on Collegiate Education in Medicine

Success Files” is a series for Americans today who want to understand more about what’s happening around not just the United States, but also the world. Host Rob Lowe talks about regional issues, and how they fit into the larger picture of our planet today. The series will be tackling collegiate education in medicine on a new segment to be debuted soon.

Medicine has taken center stage as of late, as new medical breakthroughs help people live longer. It goes hand-in-hand with the healthcare debate as everyone tries to work out who should have access to which medications. Colleges have always played in big role in how medicine is developed too. From the first class a pre-med student takes to the research their professors does outside of class, our colleges determine the state of the nation’s health in undeniable ways.

Find out more about what you need to know how colleges are affecting the medications we see on the market. Meet people who have watched how research and education have changed at the highest levels. Listen to their opinions about how the trends in medicine have shaped what they’ve seen in classrooms today. This is a time to have more appreciation for what’s been done in the past, and a greater understanding of what’s to come.

“Success Files” with host Rob Lowe is broadcast on PBS member stations at the network’s discretion. It has already received numerous accolades for its research and relatable content.

After-Market Elements for Vehicles

So, you just bought a new car, and it came “fully loaded” with everything that the dealership had to offer. Everything that is, except for the after-market parts that aren’t available when you purchase it such as an external storage rack, bike rack, or extra tint on the windows. The newest segments of “Success Files” will discuss after-market elements for our vehicles that can take them from new to exciting. Rob Lowe hosts the series that will air to PBS Member stations this winter.

Rare and Unique Fruits of Australia

The production crew will travel to Australia this month to gather b-roll and interviews for an upcoming segment documenting rare and unique fruits. Although a site to see here in America, some of these fruits are the size of your palm! Stay tuned to learn more as this segment of “Success Files” hosted by Rob Lowe will debut to PBS member stations early next week.

Rob Lowe hosts a new “Success Files” segment on Hair Restoration for PBS Member Stations

The Rob Lowe‘s “Success Files” series is an all-encompassing show that embraces everything that affects the society. From business advancements, health, and medicine, education, outdoor adventure, culinary skills, to travel and leisure. And this time around, the popular TV host has decided to take a different twist and will shift his focus towards cosmetic appeal associated with hair restoration.

Balding is a common problem for both men and women. Loss of hair can be quiet depressing and even embarrassing, particularly for the image-conscious individuals. In most cases, balding is associated with aging and can be a disheartening condition because we live in a society built on trying to fight off the aging process. Some of the measures of countering the aging process include drugs and drugs, but the best possible solution for your bald head is the medical hair restoration. Also known as hair transplant, a medical hair restoration works well for both men and women. A professionally done hair restoration process can result in natural and real hair. Unlike other hair treatment procedures like the Rogaine and Propecia, hair restoration does not alter the hair growth and has been proven to deliver excellent results.
In fact, hair restoration is completely undetectable once done, and the transplant area healed. And even though the process is associated with people who have gone completely bald, it would be advisable to have a hair transplant if you begin noticing the loss of hair.

Rob Lowe’s “Success Files” series is a premier show that has is done for the public audience. The show undergoes through a strict editorial guideline, both the filming and manuscript, to ensure that it meets the quality professional standards before it’s publicized.

Excellence in Automobile Dealerships is the feature on a new “Success Files” piece, with Rob Lowe

America’s auto dealerships strive for excellence by maintaining a constant source of funding. Starting an automobile dealership requires planning, marketing, and financing. Owners of multiple dealerships looked for new ways to finance their business. Historically, mergers and bank funding and outside investors were not an attractive source of financing. However, starting in the late 80’s, major dealerships took a second look at investor financing, and investment bankers saw the dropping prices of dealerships a bargain.

Because of fickle consumers, moved by gas prices and new gadgets, dealerships sought investor funding, to stabilize their businesses, to move cars off their lots. One of the first significant investments was in the late 80’s. Smith Barney raised $33 million to form a partnership to buy four dealerships on Long Island. In the last two to three years, auto dealerships have been an attractive investment for the likes of George Soros, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who have eyes on the major publicly owned retail chains, AutoNation, Group One, Lithia, Penske Automotive, and Sonic. Warren Buffett purchased the Van Tuyl chain is the largest privately-owned conglomerate, while Bill Gates owned 15% of AutoNation. The Soros Fund Management provided financing for the Missouri McLarty Automotive Group. According to Fortune, dealerships are an attractive investment because they are franchises and protected by state laws. Rob Lowe discusses some of the downsides of investing in dealerships like profits facing high corporate taxes, financing inventories being substantial, and dealerships being complicated.

 “Success Files,” with Rob Lowe, is reviewed carefully to ensure that it meets stringent quality standards prior to being disseminated to various national partners in order to reach a wider viewing audience. It has been recognized with a wide variety of awards and accolades that highlight the show’s commitment to superior quality programming.

Shedding Light on Radical Injustices Affecting Our Nation

It is so disheartening to hear about the tragedy that took place over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Our series for PBS member stations, Success Files, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be reaching out to organizations helping to shed light on the racial injustices still affecting our nation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all individuals touched by this horrible event.